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Be an instructor and earn money while making a difference and enabling students to reach their goals.

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Trainers Experiences

Vikram BhattCorporate Trainer
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I began working with Certera Solutions as a certified PMP trainer in 2019. Certera offers a large number of domains and Courses. I've completed a lot of Projects and Agile training courses. The interaction with the client was seamless and complete. Certera Management deserves praise.
Nikhil Verma IT Cloud Trainer
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Since teaching was my first passion, I started looking for a respected institute to work with as soon as I had a good hands on over AWS. I thought about trying to get into this field again. I stumbled onto this organization. And I have to say, I was really impressed with how easy the onboarding process was. Although I prefer to teach using my own ways, I am grateful to CERTERA Solution for providing me with a free hand.
Avika KaushikTechnical Trainer
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I've completed a number of courses already, and I am knowledgeable about their subjects. I was offered the position of Freelancer trainer by CERTERA with no problems at all. I do see that signing up for and finishing the Contract was easier. I'm very grateful that I stumbled upon this amazing platform with amazing management!
Krishnan Reddy.Corporate Cloud Trainer
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We have a very strong base in the Edtech sector, I can proudly state as a committed member of the Certera faculty.In my extensive experience, I never encountered a company with such well-organized management, overall pay, associations, working conditions that are currently at their height.
Ashmita NegiCloud Support Consultant/Trainer
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So far, I've only taken four classes, and I've already begun with fifth. Being able to take lessons on Certera's own LMS is a fantastic opportunity. Alignment with the Candidates on the LMS is often relatively quick and straightforward to complete.