CBAP Certification Training Course
The CBAP course offers a structured online project management training program that is suitable for aspiring project management professionals. This course is designed to help participants understand the fundamentals of successfully managing projects of various sizes and types. By enrolling in this certification training course, you will learn how to efficiently manage project risks, implement a product-based planning approach for projects, and adapt projects to suit their specific environments.

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CBAP Course Overview

Develop your skills in all three areas of business analysis—planning and monitoring, eliciting requirements, and managing and communicating requirements—with a globally renowned Business Analyst Certification Course. Attend Master classes from professionals, work on real-world projects, and learn the newest tools.

Our CBAP training program is a CBAP Certification Preparation Training program that has received IIBA endorsement. This course includes chapter-by-chapter tests, BABOK drills, 1200+ mock questions, 25+ case studies, live online CBAP sessions, and more.

Course Overview

  • Trainer/Instructor-led Sessions(LVC)
    • Weekday/Weekend Classes: 35 Hours of Online Live Instructor-Led Classes i.e. 8 sessions 0f 4.5hr each.
    • 4 Mock Tests: Each mock test will have 300 questions. The pattern will be similar to the questions asked in the final examination.
    • 4 Simulate Practice Exams (4 –hours, 400 Questions).
    • 848 Test Questions.
    • 4 Helpful Study guides.
    • 562 Terms and Definitions.
    • 1 Exam Tips.
    • 1 Crossword.
  • Real-life Case Studies
    • Live project based on any of the available use cases, involving the implementation of several CBAP
  • Assignments
    • Each session will be followed by practical assignments totalling at least 35 hours in length.
  • Lifetime Access
    • Lifetime access to the Learning Management System (LMS) will be provided. The LMS allows you to see class recordings, reference guide, mock tests and presentations online.
  • 24 x 7 Expert Support
    • A dedicated online support team will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any technical issues you may encounter during the course.
  • Certification
    • You will receive a 35 Contact Hours certificate at the conclusion of this course, which is required to apply for the CBAP examination.
  • Forum
    • All of our customers have access to a community forum where they can boost their learning through peer interaction and information sharing.
  • Also a CBAP designation holder earns more salary than non-credential business analyst. Thus, with a CBAP designation, you earn better job opportunity, better income and global recognition. According to, a CBAP earns an average salary of $90,000 every year.
  • CBAP is worth taking for any BA professional. This certification will establish you as a recognized Business Analyst and would open more opportunities for you in Business Analysis.
  • Business Analysts with one or more IIBA Certifications make 14% more money than BAs without certifications.
  • Business Analysts with CBAP Certifications specifically earn 19% more than BAs without certifications.


Course Curriculum

1.1 Introduction to the CBAP® Certification

  • BABOK® V3 Introduction
  • Business Evaluation
  • Business Analyst Competencies
  • Techniques cited by BABOK® V3 
  • Quiz
  • Key Learning’s


  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Plan for Engaging Stakeholders
  • Plan for Business Analysis and Governance Management of Business Analysis and Information
  • Identify Business Evaluation
  • Quiz
  • Main Point
  • Elicitation and Collaboration Introduction
  • Prepare for Elicitation, Perform Elicitation, and Verify Results
  • Make Business Analysis Clear Information
  • controlling stakeholder cooperation
  • Quiz
  • Main Points
    • Overview of Requirements Life Cycle Administration
    • Requirements for Trace
    • Maintain Standards
    • Set Priorities for Requirements
    • Check the requirements Changes
    • Requirements for Approval
    • Quiz Key Learnings
    • Exercise Case Study Case Study


    • Overview of Strategy Analysis
    • Examine the Situation Now
    • State the Future
    • Evaluate risks
    • Quiz on Define Change Strategy
    • Main Points
    • Exercise Case Study Case Study
    • Module07: Project Cost Management

 Introduction to the Definition of Requirements and Requirements Analysis

  • Model and Specify Requirements
  • Verify the Conditions
  • Validate the Conditions
  • Requirements Architecture Definition
  • Establish Design Options
  • Consider Potential Value and Offer a Resolution
  • Quiz
  • Main Points
  • a case study
  • Exercise for Case Studies
  • Getting Started with Solution Evaluation
  • Track the performance of the solution
  • Examine performance indicators
  • Determine the limitations of the solution
  • Analyze the constraints of the company
  • Action Items to Raise Solution Value
  • Quiz
  • Main Points
  • a case study
  • Overview Perspective
  • Change Business Analysis by Scope Methodologies
  • Underpinning Skills
  • Contribution to Knowledge Areas
  • Quiz
  • Main Points
  • Exercise Case Study Case Study
  • Business Architecture Overview Perspective Shift Business Analysis by Scope Reference Models for the Scope of Business Architecture
  • Underpinning Skills
  • Knowledge Areas Affected
  • Takeaways from the quiz
  • Exercise Case Study Case Study
  • Business Process Management Overview Perspective Shift Business Analysis by Scope Techniques, Methodologies, and Frameworks for Scope
  • Underpinning Skills
  • Contribution to Knowledge Areas
  • Quiz
  • Main Points
  • Exercise Case Study Case Study

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CBAP Certification

Certera’s CBAP Certificate Holders work at 1000s of companies like

United Healthcare
Tata Consultancy Services

Each certification requires a sincere and time commitment.
Getting one is a fantastic feat.

Certificate CertEra

Course Details

Objectives achieved:

Certera’s CBAP® online course objectives include:

Becoming a certified professional can be accomplished in just a few easy steps.

  • Obtain a formal CBAP training from an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider like Certera.
  • Acquire the IIBA membership and apply for the CBAP exam online for a total cost of $495.
  • Upon passing the exam, you will be awarded the CBAP certification from IIBA

The CBAP course requires:

  • Minimum 7500 hours of work experience in the last 10 years, 900 hours of which should be in four out of the six BABOK® Guide Version 3 Knowledge areas
  • A minimum of 35 hours of Professional Development in the past four years
  • Two references from a career manager, client or Certified Business Analysis Professional – CBAP®
  • A Signed Code of Conduct


  • Either a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree is required for learners.
  • 900 hours must have been spent working in at least four of the six knowledge areas listed in the BABOK® Guide Version 3 in the last ten years, out of a minimum requirement of 7500 hours throughout that time.
  • A minimum of 35 hours of professional development (PDs) during the previous four years are required.
Training Certification program

Training Options

Virtual Classroom

Self Paced

Corporate Training


One of the greatest CBAP online training programmes can be found at Simplilearn, which may assist you in overcoming the hurdles presented by the rapidly evolving and ever-expanding IT sector. You must: in order to obtain certification.


Obtain a passing grade on all course simulation tests.

Send a project in to be reviewed by our team of subject matter experts.

If your proposal is initially rejected, speak with one of our subject matter experts to get advice on how to proceed for future project approval attempts.

  1. The BABOK® Guide, which offers the majority of the reference resources, is the best source. Additionally, we advise using the exam-focused Certera CBAP Certification training materials.

Taking the CBAP Certification exam involves two steps

You must first submit your application together with the non-refundable application fee and successfully complete the CBAP examinations’ preliminary screening.

When the IIBA® has evaluated your eligibility for the exam, you should set a date for the exam with the recognised testing organisation. The instructions will be sent to you via email as soon as your reservation is confirmed.

Cost of the CBAP certification test

The $145 application fee is not refundable (i.e. regardless of whether your application is approved or declined).

The cost of the CBAP exam is $350 for IIBA® members and $505 for non-members.

No. Exam fees are not included in the Cbap Certification course


You will never miss the CBAP classes at Certera! You can choose either of the two options:

  • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
  • You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

Depending on the organization and project, the Project Manager responsibilities are as follows –

  • Overall project lifecycle.
  • Planning project resources.
  • Time management.
  • Coordinating staff and internal resources.
  • Manage issues and risks.
  • Budget.
  • Designing risk mitigation plan.
  • Optimizing and improving processes and the overall approach.
  • Quality and Satisfaction.

If you are an experienced project manager you can consider a boot camp that provides assistance to clear the Project Management exam. The CBAP boot camp mainly emphasizes the important aspects to prepare for before taking up the CBAPexam. 

The main benefits of the CBAP Boot camp include:

  • Several full-length mock tests.
  • It helps you summarize all the chapters.
  • Emphasis on all the important business skills.

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Shevon Daniel
1 months ago
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Jeffry Drix
1 months ago

I had been searching for a CBAP certification training course with no luck. Then one day, I came across Certera’s website and decided to enroll. It was the best decision I ever made! I passed the exam on my first try and that is because of what they taught me in this course. The instructor was amazing–he helped me understand concepts that I would have never grasped without him. Couldn’t be happier


I took the CBAP exam and passed, thanks to Certera! I did all my preparation with them and they are the best at CBAP. The other courses were not close to as engaging, crisp or clear. My only regret is that I didn’t find them earlier in my career, but you live & learn. Their course material is superb!

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