CSM Certification Training Course
CSM certification in India are a great way to start in Agile Project Management. Scrum Master Training in India gives you an in-depth look at the Scrum framework, allowing you to confidently handle Agile Project Management tasks.

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CSM Course Overview

CSM certification in India are a great way to start in Agile Project Management. Scrum Master Training in India gives you an in-depth look at the Scrum framework, allowing you to confidently handle Agile Project Management tasks. The Scrum Master certification India is taught by experts and covers guidelines for important issues to increase your game significantly. Students who attend this CSM training in India gain insightful knowledge that opens wide career opportunities in several business domains. Obtain the Scrum certification in India course and become a certified scrum master

Scrum looks easy when you see other team working, but difficult when you start implementing. There are roadblocks, criticism, and much more. That’s exactly where Scrum Master training will help. This training will allow you to learn the agile practice in a practical way. You can get involved in activities and create scrum workflow on the go. Discuss a lot with all participants, make charts and estimate backlog in story points. Learn to write user stories for sample projects and also take a quiz to get deeper detail about the scrum and agile concepts.

  • Trainer/Instructor-led Sessions(LVC)
    • Weekday/Weekend Classes: 24 Hours of Online Live Instructor-Led Classes i.e. 8 sessions 0f 3hr each.
    • 2 Mock Tests: Each mock test will have 150 questions. The pattern will be similar to the questions asked in the CSM® examination.
    • 4 Simulated CSM Practice Exams (4 –hours, 200 Questions).
    • 200 Test Questions.
    • 1 Helpful Study guides.
    • 200 Terms and Definitions.
    • 1 Exam Tips.
    • 1 Crossword.
  • Assignments
    • Each session will be followed by practical assignments totalling at least 24 hours in length.
  • Lifetime Access
    • Lifetime access to the Learning Management System (LMS) will be provided. The LMS allows you to see class recordings, reference guide, mock tests and presentations online.
  • 24 x 7 Expert Support
    • A dedicated online support team will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any technical issues you may encounter during the course.
  • Certification
    • You will receive a 24 Contact Hours certificate at the conclusion of this course, which is required to apply for the CSM® examination.
  • Forum
    • All of our customers have access to a community forum where they can boost their learning through peer interaction and information sharing.

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Attain Scrum Principles and Skills.

  • Improve Team Collaboration and Management. …
  • Change Your Mindset. …
  • Advance in Your Career. …
  • Ensure Smooth Agile Implementation. …
  • Become Part of a Community of Scrum Expert

As a Certified Scrum Master, you can motivate and lead your teammates. You will guide them and help the team work together smoothly. The Certified Scrum Master credential showcases your employees that you have the experience and skills to lead an agile team successfully.


Course Curriculum

The course will educate all participants from the basics of agile software development. Hence it is important that one should understand agile as an empirical process against the waterfall approach which is a defined process.

You will be taught to Plan, Execute, Check and then Adapt. Yes, CSM course begins with the detailed introduction to the iterative four-step approach.

Learn the need for being agile in your software development projects. Understand the key concepts of the development using the agile approach which is driven by value. It is a well-organized project management process. Also, know how to embrace flexible planning methods. Become collaborative with the team, scrum master, and product owner.

a) Trivia About Agile Methodology-

In order to correct issues cropping up due to the waterfall method, a new development practice was introduced in 2001 by a set of people called as Agile Methodology. The main concept adapted in Agile is the iterative way. Development and testing happen in parallel to fix bugs at every stage. Set of software industry giants met in Snowbird, UT in 2000 to discuss this method. Then they decided to differentiate agile from the traditional method with some values and called them Agile Manifesto.

b) Agile Framework– A Brief Overview

Agile the iterative software development method follows many frameworks including the Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming, Feature-driven development etc. It is a big list and Scrum is the most commonly used framework. Every framework aims at making it lightweight and framing of a set of minimal rules. The aim of every framework being reaching the goal in an agile way. Yes, the iterative and incremental method is embraced with its own set of practices.

For example, the scrum will focus on three roles to go through the development cycle. The scrum master who is the coach and the link who connects the team and the customer. The product owner is the SME who will know the customer need and will let the team know about the same. Finally, the team which includes developer and testers to work on the project. Scrum method follows daily meetings, sprints and sprint retrospective to check the status of the project regularly. Feedbacks are exchanged and modifications are done at every stage.

c) Agile Manifesto

The set of values defined for Agile methodology is called Agile Manifesto. It was written in Feb 2001 by 17 independent software techies. There were several written among which 4 values were accepted by all which is given below.

  • The project can become successful when it depends on people than tools, and discussions must be encouraged than implementing hardcore
  • Working on the product should be encouraged than focussing on documentation.
  • Customer satisfaction is the key over negotiating the contract.
  • Reacting to the changes and not strictly following a plan.

Every beginner must understand this basic underlying principle of Agile to kick start their career in agile.  Defining and describing these values with examples will allow learners to embrace the concept easily.

d) Key Principles in Agile-

The four Agile Manifesto gave birth to 12 agile principles.

  • Customer satisfaction is the prime objective and this can be achieved by delivering project on-time with the expected outcome.
  • Accept changes at any stage of development and produce a competitive product to the customer
  • . Continuously sharing working software with the client instead of sharing documentation about project status
  • Business team and development team works collaboratively.
  • Provide support to the team with a motivated working environment.
  • Conducting daily stand up meeting to let team meet face to face.
  • Measure work progress with the working software.
  • Promote sustainable development.
  • Good design will improve the agility.
  • Keep the entire process simple and discuss solution more than worrying about the problem.
  • Empower team to come up with ideas.
  • Introduce games during meetings to ease team tension and increase productivity.
  • How to get to these principles will be explained during the training.

Yes, that’s how you can easily remember the five values of the scrum process. C FOR C means to Commit you to need Courage. To develop Courage you need to Focus With Open mind and Respect all in the team.You got it right, it is Commitment – Focus – Openness – Respect – CourageDevelop these five values and every scrum team will see success. Commit to the Sprint Goal and focus to work towards the same. Share your views openly and respect others opinion as well. Have the courage to accept what went wrong in a retrospective meeting to complete backlogs in your next sprint.

The elevated view from above about scrum is called the aerial view of Scrum. It is a neatly-documented framework that will address the facilitating limitations we relate to the situation when there is any lack of details.

The project is split into sequences of iterations and completed phase by phase.

The framework of Scrum is simple and it deals efficiently with the changing situations. The work gets split into iterations. It is because during the development process the priority changes due to the situation, user mindset, technology etc. Therefore, the framework focus on splitting the project into sequences of iterations called sprint. Every sprint will last for maximum 4 weeks. Therefore the complexity of the project is split and all changes are accommodated during the sprint meeting. There is not much of loss and also the user gets the output per the expectation.The framework is simply understood as Planning – Executing – Learning – Taking Actions. This will continue until the end result is achieved. Every sprint meeting will be in length to plan from the education of the previous sprint.

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CSM Certification

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Each certification requires a sincere and time commitment.
Getting one is a fantastic feat.

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CSM Course Details

Learning Objectives for the Course

  • Assist the Scrum Teams in adding value to the organization
  • Recognize the underlying idea and tenets of Scrum and empiricism.
  • Recognize how each component of the Scrum framework relates to the underlying tenets and theory.
  • Recognize the complexity and uncertainty involved in product deliver
  • Recognize the significance of and the meaning behind the Scrum values.
  • Learn what “Done” means and why openness depends on it.
  • Learn how to plan nimbly with the product backlog.
  • Recognize the value of self-managing teams, the necessity of interpersonal skills, and the function of the Scrum Master.
  • Outline the team’s leadership responsibilities for a Scrum Master.
  • Learn the abilities, characteristics, and behavioral changes necessary to become a Scrum Master.
Training Certification program

Training Options

Virtual Classroom

Self Paced

Corporate Training


  • The PSM I course has been carefully created to help you become a superb Scrum Master. You will have all the skills and resources necessary to Motivate and oversee a group of Scrum experts who bring Scrum’s advantages to projects.
  • To deliver the best at the conclusion of each Sprint, resolve disputes and overcome obstacles.
  • Address organizational issues to implement Scrum successfully.

Effectively implement the overall Scrum procedures, concepts, and behaviors

We want to provide you all the tools you need to be a successful Scrum Master throughout your PSM I training. The following are some of the practical skills you’ll learn:

    • Be an excellent facilitator.
    • Be a competent coach
    • Remove obstacles
    • Improve team performance
    • Change in lead in any setting or sector
    • Drive results by correctly implementing Scrum practises and principles.
    • increase the likelihood that the initiative will succeed
    • Boost productivity in the office
    • Encourage others to assist you in your Scrum efforts.
  • With the PSM I certification, you can:
  • Verify your dedication to maintaining excellence and quality.
  • Show off your knowledge about Scrum.
  • Develop your Scrum career with assurance.
  • Get noticed in employment interviews or when applying for promotions.
  • Demand greater pay than your non-certified competitors.
  • Connect with business leaders and experts in Agile
  • Start pursuing Professional Scrum Master II Certification in your agile journey (PSM II)

Not necessarily. Each course has attendees from a variety of backgrounds, including from non-software fields. The instructor will cover product development of all sorts, so many examples are software related, but no software development experience is required.

The course is for anyone interested in learning a better and faster way to create awesome products, including:

  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Finance and Audit
  • HR Managers
  • IT Professionals
  • Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Scrum Masters
  • Team Leads
  • Testers
  • those who are interested in working with people
  • those who care about their team’s performance
  • those looking for ways to foster collaboration

No. Exam fees are not included in the CSM Certification course.

Yes, there are several free resources that can enable you to learn CSM, What is CSM ,  CSM Exam Prep,  CSM Interview Questions & Answers and more.

You will never miss the CSM classes at Certera! You can choose either of the two options:

  • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
  • You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.


If you are an experienced project manager you can consider a boot camp that provides assistance to clear the CSM exam. The CSM boot camp mainly emphasizes the important aspects to prepare for before taking up the CSM exam. 

The main benefits of the CSM Boot camp include:

  • Several full-length mock tests.
  • It helps you summarize all the chapters.
  • Emphasis on all the important business skills.

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I am a project manager and I have been working with Certera for over a year now. They are one of the best scrum training programs in the market. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for certification in this field.


I have been looking for a good scrum certification training for months now. I tried many different courses but none of them were as good as Certera. The course is well-structured, the instructor is knowledgeable and the content is up-to-date. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about scrum and how it can help them in their career.

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