SIX SIGMA Certification Training Course
SIX SIGMA is a process that makes use of statistics and data analysis to analyze and reduce errors or defects. In this process, the purpose is to improve cycle times while reducing manufacturing defects to no more than 3.4 defects per million units or events.

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SIX SIGMA Course Overview

Six Sigma proponents claim its business strategy benefits include up to 50% process cost reduction, cycle-time improvement, less waste of materials, a better understanding of customer requirements, increased customer satisfaction and value stream, and more reliable products and services.

By learning ideas like the Fishbone/Ishikawa diagram, root cause analysis, co-relation, and statistical analysis of data while working on projects and use-cases depending on industry, you can become a Six Sigma Green Belt Expert.

Six Sigma project help measure baseline and target process accuracy in terms of DPMO &
Sigma Level. It is a systematic way to measure process accuracy as it aims to prevent the
occurrence of defects
Six Sigma refers to a set of techniques and tools that help organizations improve
business processes. Organizations maximize performance and reduce product
defects, which ultimately leads to higher profits.

SIX Sigma salary in India with less than 7 year of experience to 15 years ranges from ₹ 5.5
Lakhs to ₹ 27.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 17.2 Lakhs based on 35 latest


Course Curriculum

Lesson 1.1: Lean Principles in the Organization – 
Lesson 1.2: Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodologies  
Lesson 1.3: Six Sigma and the Organization Summary

Lesson 2.1: Project Identification
Lesson 2.2: Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Lesson 2.3: Project Management Fundamentals
Lesson 2.4: Planning and Management Tools (Apply)
Lesson 2.5: Business results for projects are covered.  
Lesson 2.6: The last lesson is on project management.

Lesson 3.0: Introduction to Analyze Phase
Lesson 3.1: Testing Hypotheses Exploratory Data Analysis Lesson
Lesson 3.2: Analyze Phase Lesson Summary Project.

Lesson 5.1: Design of Experiments (DOE)
Lesson 5.2: Root Cause Analysis (Analyze)
Lesson 5.3: Lean Tools
Lesson 5.4: Introduction to Improve Phase
Lesson 5.5: Choosing a Solution,
Lesson 5.6: Summary Improve Phase.

Lesson 6.1 Statistical Process Control," discusses SPC.
Lesson 6.2 Control Plan," discusses applying Lean tools for process control.
Lesson 6.3 Control Phase Summary," discusses the phase.
Lesson 6.4 Project 1," discusses the phase.

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SIX SIGMA Certification

Certera’s SIX SIGMA Certificate Holders work at 1000s of companies like

United Healthcare
Tata Consultancy Services

Each certification requires a sincere and time commitment.
Getting one is a fantastic feat.

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SIX SIGMA Course Details

Statistics and data analysis are used in the Six Sigma process to identify and minimise errors or flaws. 
This approach aims to decrease manufacturing faults to no more than 3.4 defects per million units or ev
ents while increasing cycle times.Or, Six Sigma is a methodology that gives businesses the tools they nee
d to manage their operations more effectively. 
By enhancing performance and reducing process variance, it is feasible to lower defect rates, boost empl
oyee morale, and raise the calibre of output, all of which help to increase profitability.
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