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Who We Are

Certera is an all-in-one IT services provider that offers online & center based certification training. Our inception began in 2020 with the goal of providing high-quality IT solutions to consumers. In 2021, we opened a training facility as part of our aim to provide hands-on experience to both novices and professionals wishing to develop their skill sets. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer top-of-the-line training, study tools and study resources which are essential to enhancing one’s knowledge. Our trained trainers are certified to promote learning that focuses on skill development on the latest new-age technologies, concepts and techniques.

What We Do

Certera is well-known for its adaptability in finding the best individuals for its clients’ organizations. Above all, Certera is dedicated to developing realistic approaches that are tailored to market needs. Certera recruits individuals that have a strong affinity for learning new technologies, excel at communicating across multi-platform teams and most importantly, operate calmly under pressure in order to achieve excellent outcomes.

Why Choose Certera

Certera provides comprehensive, skills-building IT training that is in high demand. Certera provides high-quality syllabuses, seminars, or accelerated track-curriculum with detailed laboratories and real-world scenarios, making it the greatest source of education for “real life.”

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“We are continuously on the lookout for good and promising individuals
because we want to make them the best job candidates possible.”

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Our senior IT trainers/headhunters have over 30 years of
combined training expertise in the IT and learning
industries. In addition, we have a team of practical IT
professionals and industry experts with extensive domain


Training management, we believe, should be more than
dusty financial spreadsheets and complicated schedules: it
should be the motor that drives your training business
training administration should be simple, quick, and

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